History of The Breakers

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The Original “Breakers Hotel” built and owned by Joseph Arthur opened in the year 1900 on the same land as the present Breakers resort. The Breakers Hotel was well known as one of the most elegant hotels on the Pacific Coast. It was an exciting trip by boat from Portland and on Saturdays you would pay just $2.50 round trip versus the $4.00 cost the rest of the week.

The Breakers Hotel maintained its own Jersey herd, poultry ranch and vegetable garden to supply the freshest ingredients to its guests. Activities at the Breakers Hotel included boating, bowling, and tennis, target shooting, dancing and nightly special entertainment. It was widely rumored to have hosted the finest orchestras on the coast. With hot and cold salt water in every bathroom, telephones, electric bells and even a post office you were truly living in luxury.  Rooms at the Breakers Hotel rented from $2.00 to $3.00 per day depending on your location.

In 1915 several new hotels arose along the Oregon coast. This allowed travelers from Portland to travel to the beach without the need for a boat. The hotel was forced to close its doors until the Arthur house was turned into a hotel and restaurant a few years later. Many changes to the accommodations have taken place since the construction in 1900 yet a hundred plus years later it remains the best place to vacation on the Long Beach Peninsula.