Discovery Trail

Discovery Trail was surfaced with compacted gravel from the Beard’s Hollow parking lot to SR100 loop this week.  Word is that State Parks requested this section not be paved because it is steep and will be slippery in the wet season.  This being done, Discovery Trail is now fully surfaced, completing the 8.2-mile commemorative project.

Starting at the Port of Ilwaco, at Bart Kenworthy’s Condor Sculpture, surface streets and sidewalks take walkers a short number of blocks to 4th & Main, which is the off-street trail head.  Enjoy several bridges as you go through forest groves and take in some wonderful views, including an overlook of Ford’s Dry Lake/Holman Lake that is expansive and unique.  This section of the trail is the most challenging, with both easy and steep changes in elevation.

The trail continues into Beard’s Hollow, where it begins its journey northward through the beach dunes.  Enjoy gentle twists and turns through riparian habitat with ocean vistas.  Many footpaths leave the trail to the beach itself and multiple sculptures and other markers are found along the way.  Benches are available in some, but not all, sections.

The northern trail head is at 26th North, just in front of The Breakers and marked by “Clark’s Tree”, an 18-foot bronze sculpture commemorating Captain Clark carving his initials in a tree at the most northwestern point of the Corps of Discovery’s journey westward.  [Clark’s Tree Cam]

Restrooms and drinking water can be found at the Port of Ilwaco and at the south end of the Boardwalk in Long Beach.

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