5 days of clamming scheduled!

Razor Clam Dig Dates
for “Long Beach”, which extends from the Columbia River to Leadbetter Point

Tentative; pending testing for domoic acid, a natural marine toxin, closer to digging dates.

• Wednesday, Jan. 27 (4:24 p.m. -0.5 ft.)
• Thursday, Jan. 28 (5:13 p.m. -1.1 ft.)
• Friday, Jan. 29 (5:58 p.m. -1.5 ft.)
• Saturday, Jan. 30 (6:41 p.m. -1.5 ft.)
• Sunday, Jan. 31 (7:24 p.m. -1.2 ft.)

We are so excited to have 5 days of clamming, come down try your luck at clamming, go to Ilwaco port buy some fresh crab, visit our local shops and artist galleries, eat a delicious dinner any of the peninsula restaurants.  Relax in our spacious condo suites, and watch a DVD or play a game with the kids.  Make a memory for your family.

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