The Breakers – Premier Long Beach, WA Resort

Since 1900, this small stretch of beach (a mile north of downtown Long Beach) has created a vacation memory for over one million people. The current resort pictured below (the 4th resort on this location) was designed with families in mind. The 24 acres of beachfront parkland create a feeling unique to the Pacific Northwest. Come walk the beach in the footsteps of thousands before you to experience the therapy only the beach can provide.


Beach therapy can relieve your mind, body and spirit from the day-to-day pressures we all experience. Just a few hours at the beach  can make the trials and tribulations of life at home a little more manageable. Getting perspective can help put quality back into your family life. It can help clear your mind so you can make important life decisions and can help you turnaround an ailing attitude. Exercise, eat healthy and play hard, then relax.

Exercise on our beach, walk or ride the eight-mile discovery trail, take a swim in our indoor pool and at the end of the day, take a nice soak in the hot tub under the stars.

Eat healthy with the abundance of local seafood. Oysters, Dungeness crab, Sturgeon, Salmon are plentiful on the Long Beach Peninsula. Local Fruits and Vegetables can be purchased at the Long Beach farmers market every Friday evening in the summer, the Saturday morning market in Ilwaco or on Sundays in Astoria. Prepare a family meal in your condo or enjoy the great eateries here on the peninsula.

Play on the beach or right outside your door on our 5-acre lawn. Fly a kite, play sand volleyball, play in the pool and hot tub, play basketball or horseshoes. Just Play.